True Stories About Thanksgiving

This month is Native American Heritage Month, and this week in particular there’s usually a lot of talk about Native issues. One problem? A lot of schools are still teaching outdated ideas about Native Americans, both in history and in the present. We’ll help you learn more about the reality, and become an advocate for updated ideas at your holiday table.

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Election Day Edition: Know Your Voting Rights

It’s the midterms! The day we’ve all been waiting for! Many party popper emojis!  🎉🎉🎉

OK, it’s all very exciting, but time for a reality check. Today, it’s extremely important to make sure that every single vote counts—because the other side’s strategy is systematically curtailing the left’s voting power, especially by targeting black voters and other voters of color. Read this MCW all the way through as your prep work before going to the polls. If it seems like a lot, in 30 states, you can take time off work to vote, so part of this time can be used to prepare.

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