the team

Our story is simple: We got mad, and then we got to work. 


Kristina Jeffers is a democracy and human rights professional in our nation's capital.  Her particular focus is the former USSR, and she assists with strategy and writing for My Civic Workout in her spare time.  She tweets at @kaijeffers.

Laurel Eckhouse is a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of California, Berkeley, where she studies the politics of racial inequality in policing.  She wants YOU to join a group and help rebuild civil society. Find her on Twitter at @l_eckhouse

Marika Bailey specializes in non-profit communications and advocacy. She believes that informing and empowering people is the way forward to a progressive future. She is a native Brooklynite and works on communications and social media for My Civic Workout. 

Sarah Nathan is an editor living in San Diego. She does issue planning, writing, and editing for My Civic Workout. You can find her pondering structural inequalities in education and oddities of the Chicago Manual of Style at @editorsarahn

Jen Page recently moved (before the election) to Zurich, Switzerland. She holds a postdoc at the University of Zurich’s Ethics Center, where all are shocked by the American President’s conflicts of interest, and does issue planning and manages the idea doc for My Civic Workout. Find her online at @ajenniferpage, where she has a picture of a great goat.

Mark Largess works in administration for educational and public health nonprofits in Boston, Massachusetts, and helps the My Civic Workout team with editing, content and planning.