Ceeeeelebrate good times 🎉

Photo by  Andreas Weiland  on  Unsplash

Today is a special day for us here at My Civic Workout. A year ago, on November 21, 2016, still reeling from Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, we sent out our very first edition. We wanted to share our collective knowledge about effective activism and to make a contribution to the then-nascent Trump resistance movement. Even though Trump had won the electoral college, we weren’t ready to concede defeat. What he stood for, and what propelled him to the highest office in the country—white nationalism, xenophobia, sexual violence, and intolerance of difference of any kind—remained ideas that millions of Americans stood against. And we were not about to back down. 

With Thanksgiving coming up, we are incredibly grateful. You are one of over 9,000 wonderful, loyal subscribers who receive our emails, and all of us together are a part of something even bigger. We showed up at airports to take a stand against the Muslim ban. We crashed the ACA repeal. We rocked the vote this November. And we will continue to fight. 

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